White Mountain Ice Cream Freezer

We always make ice cream with the trusty White Mountain Ice Cream Freezer.

Read my Aunt Nancy’s article about the White Mountain to get the history and some background about my family’s relationship with this amazing machine.

The White Mountain’s superiority is due to its Triple Motion beaters which ensure a super-smooth ice cream with no ice crystals. There is simply no better way to make ice cream.

Using a White Mountain Ice Cream Freezer:

Pour your ice cream mix in the can making sure to leave a couple inches of air-space at the top so the ice cream can expand. Place the beaters in position and close the lid. Then put the can in the bucket and secure the crank.

Pour ice around the can to fill the bucket. If you have a small machine, you’ll probably need to crush the ice to fit it around the can.

Start turning the crank slowly in a clockwise direction. Don’t let the handle stop until the ice cream is finished!

Pour plenty of salt onto the ice to start the melting process.

And remember to add the “magic ingredient” (cold water) to the ice/salt mix. Pour enough water in to bring the level of brine up to just below the drain-hole.

Keep cranking and add ice and salt as needed, always making sure the drain-hole stays clear so the brine can flow out and doesn’t rise up and into the can and spoil your mix. Regularly push the ice down to keep the brine flowing and keep adding ice and salt.

You’ll probably have to crank for 15-20 minutes if you’re making an ice cream and maybe twice as long if it’s a sorbet.

You’ll know when to stop.