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  • Raspberry Sorbet

    Raspberry Sorbet

    Here’s the last of the four flavours we made on Blackford Hill recently. This Raspberry Sorbet was absolutely delicious – probably one of the best sorbets I’ve ever made! Thibault and Celine hoped to make a Peach and Basil Sorbet, but had no luck at finding ripe peaches. Instead they bought a few punnets of […]

  • Blueberry Sorbet

    Blueberry Sorbet

    UPDATE: We recently made a much better Blueberry Sorbet using wild Scottish Blaeberries. Last May Big D took me to the Vintner Rooms in Leith for dinner with his mum… That could be interesting enough in itself, but what we’re talking about here is frozen dessert.When it came to the pudding course, I ordered “blueberry […]