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  • Beet & Ginger Sorbet

    Beet & Ginger Sorbet

    My friend Jonathan recently asked me to make a sorbet for a dinner party he was hosting, but by the morning of the dinner party, I still hadn’t decided what to make nor bought any fruit. Then when Anne asked what flavor we should make, playfully saying “sorbeet“, I instantly thought of the two large […]

  • Mango Sorbet in 4 easy steps

    Mango Sorbet in 4 easy steps

    It’s spring and mangos are finally in season, so it’s about time to share a recipe for Mango Sorbet. It’s easy to prepare and incredibly delicious, but only if you can find great mangos. I prefer Mexican Ataúlfo mangos – the smaller yellow variety with shinier skin. If you can get them ripe and in-season, you can make an […]

  • Lime Sorbet

    Lime Sorbet

    The folks on my street are very sociable and as part of the annual round there’s a Halloween party. This year it was actually a Mexican day of the dead party and  I decided  to make a lime sorbet.

  • Watermelon and mint sorbet

    Watermelon and mint sorbet

    Gosh, it’s been so long I haven’t posted anything! This is not due to a decrease in the ice-cream making activity, but rather to a lack of pictures, making posts less interesting. Fortunately, I now have a phone with a camera, and will try to post more often. Anyway, August has been very hot in […]

  • Frozen Bellinis – Peach Sorbet in Sparkling Rosé at Festival de Cannes

    Frozen Bellinis РPeach Sorbet in Sparkling Ros̩ at Festival de Cannes

    As you might have guessed by the relative quiet on Triple Motion over the last few months, we’re not always just making ice cream and sorbet. I’m also involved in filmmaking. Naturally, film and ice cream go together. So when we’re at film festivals, we can’t help but bring along a White Mountain Freezer. Last […]

  • Redcurrant Sorbet

    Redcurrant Sorbet

    Thibault and I made this sorbet 2 summers ago at a farm house in the Auvergne. It was a great couple of days relaxing in the countryside with the only memorable stress being and an epic game of petanque. There were a clutch of red currant bushes in the the orchard in front of the house […]

  • Chocolate & Chile Sorbet for the annual Mexican Party

    Chocolate & Chile Sorbet for the annual Mexican Party

    We are big fans of Chocolate & Chile here and saw the opportunity to take our recipes to a new level for our annual Mexican party at John’s house. Lately I have been championing Chocolate Sorbet as the new pinnacle of chocolatey frozenness. It is the dark chocolate of the ice cream world, with an […]

  • Heretic litchi and lime sorbet

    Heretic litchi and lime sorbet

    Charline, a friend of Céline’s, had planned a big party in her new flat on the 14th of February, partly to dance like crazy but also to relieve people from this indigestible tradition that is called Valentine’s Day. Charline is a connoisseur, she offered me a recipe book about ice cream (containing an interesting Calisson […]

  • Strawberry Sorbet

    Strawberry Sorbet

    My normal feeling is that strawberries are best suited to ice cream and raspberries are best suited to sorbet. But sometimes, especially on hot days, it’s nice to make a sweet and refreshing strawberry sorbet. I first made this Strawberry Sorbet by request for a friend’s birthday. It’s a simple recipe: It was delicious, not […]

  • Lime and Basil Sorbet

    Lime and Basil Sorbet

    Today is Boxing Day, so it’s a good excuse to sit back, relax, and reminisce about ice cream and sorbet flavours from the past year. Naturally a few slipped through the net on Triple Motion, so I’ll do my best to start catching up. We made Lime and Basil Sorbet many months ago, and it […]