Ice-cream in the Störvatt

I estimate worth-mentioning the fact that we finished the leftovers of the Verveine sorbet in an odd place: the Störvatt, at my father’s house. This barbarian name describes a Scandinavian wooden tub, a bit like a giant barrel, filled with water, and containing a stove. By lighting a fire in the stove, you can heat the water up to 40°C, and enjoy your hot bath in the snow, the rain, or under the stars, while smelling the scents of wood and campfire…a truly unique experience. And enjoying a bowl of homemade ice cream lost in the vapours of hot water is amazing.


Now based in Paris, Thibault and Celine are consistently innovating with new flavours, particularly sorbets. They have a classic half-gallon White Mountain freezer that brings delight throughout France.

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