Author: Thibault

  • Coconut ice cream

    Coconut ice cream

    Hi folks, We took a few days off for Easter and went to visit David and Peter in their respective cities. This led to two ice cream experiments, one of them being related here. At the end of 3 amazing days in Newcastle, after a day of bike-pushing in the rain, an intense Shakespeare play […]

  • Pistachio and Chocolate duet

    Pistachio and Chocolate duet

    Howdy folks! This weekend, we realized that we had never seen Celine and Pierre’s ice cream machine, which was sent a few months ago by Walt. We therefore decided to unite what are probably the only two existing machines in Clermont Ferrand, and to prepare a nice double dessert. Pierre, driven by enthusiasm and ambition, […]

  • Blackcurrant ice-cream and petanque

    Blackcurrant ice-cream and petanque

    Every year, in August, Celine’s friends meet  in a small campsite in Ardeche, a warm, hilly and dry region in the center of France, to celebrate the end of the holidays. It’s the occasion for everybody to enjoy the last summer days, to take a dip in the nearby cristal-clear river or in the pool, […]

  • Watermelon and mint sorbet

    Watermelon and mint sorbet

    Gosh, it’s been so long I haven’t posted anything! This is not due to a decrease in the ice-cream making activity, but rather to a lack of pictures, making posts less interesting. Fortunately, I now have a phone with a camera, and will try to post more often. Anyway, August has been very hot in […]

  • Rhubarb Ice-cream

    Rhubarb Ice-cream

    Back to business! It’s been a while since my last post, but the ice-cream frenzy is still on! Last weekend, my friend Bastien had a few visitors : his brother and his girlfriend, who live in Youngstown, Ohio.  Bastien’s sister and a friend of hers also joined this happy family gathering. Knowing that Bastien lives […]

  • Calisson ice-cream for New Year’s Eve

    Calisson ice-cream for New Year’s Eve

    Calisson ice-cream had been on our mind for a while now, since we got offered a tiny ice-cream recipes book with this one featuring.   Calisson is a small delicacy from the south of France. It is aesthetically perfect, a smooth and silky pebble with sharp angles making it as streamlined as an Airstream van. […]

  • Heretic litchi and lime sorbet

    Heretic litchi and lime sorbet

    Charline, a friend of Céline’s, had planned a big party in her new flat on the 14th of February, partly to dance like crazy but also to relieve people from this indigestible tradition that is called Valentine’s Day. Charline is a connoisseur, she offered me a recipe book about ice cream (containing an interesting Calisson […]

  • Tangerine Sorbet

    Tangerine Sorbet

    By Jove, the blog is as rusted as the mechanism of our beloved machines. But it still works! I just wish other crankers would write more often. And I wish I could crank with them! When is the next meeting of the ice cream team? Anyway, I brought the machine home for the Christmas holidays […]

  • Fig ice cream (despite the incredulous ones)

    Fig ice cream (despite the incredulous ones)

    This week end, Dear Old Pat came to visit. Having lived with Peter, he shares our ice cream frenzy, and insisted for doing one batch. No need to say it twice! I had been wanting to make fig ice cream for a while. I’ve been told this was not a good idea, considering the very […]

  • Lemon sorbet

    Lemon sorbet

    It’s been a while since we’ve made that one, but never too late to write a post! After the more-than-disappointing lemon ice-cream we made in Carbisdale Castle during our Hebridean trip (the lemon juice curdled the milk, and we ended up with a gross yoghurt-flavoured ice cream… and yet our roommate shouted “It’s the best […]