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  • Pumpkin Ice Cream Pie

    Pumpkin Ice Cream Pie

    It’s that time of year again. Decorative gourds abound, and people prefer putting pumpkin in their face over putting a face on a pumpkin. While I do love to make pumpkin pie, I usually make pumpkin ice cream instead. This year I decided to make a hybrid – pumpkin ice cream served in personal pie […]

  • Plum & Vanilla Ice Cream

    Plum & Vanilla Ice Cream

    Staying on this summer’s stone fruit theme, today we made another delicious ice cream. I went to the farmer’s market and grabbed a selection of fresh plums, almost 2 pounds – just enough for my two-quart freezer. Combining them with fresh vanilla bean made an incredible ice cream! Fresh, ripe plums pair incredibly well with […]

  • Fresh Peach Ice Cream

    Fresh Peach Ice Cream

    “When life throws you (ripe) peaches, make ice cream.” Truly ripe peaches are a rare delicacy these days. The peaches that are typically sold in the market are usually either too hard or not sweet enough. So when we found some perfectly ripe yellow peaches at the farmer’s market the other day, we bought a […]

  • Eggnog Ice Cream Recipe

    Eggnog Ice Cream Recipe

    Merry/happy festive season everyone! 🎄🤶🍦🎅🌟 It’s the time of year for excess and indulgence, so naturally we all need to make ice cream. And what better flavor to celebrate with than an ice cream based on everybody’s favorite boozy dairy drink? To get in the holiday spirit, I made eggnog ice cream. I had a […]

  • Sage & Brown Butter Ice Cream

    Sage & Brown Butter Ice Cream

    Last week I visited Thibault and family in France, which meant we had to crank some ice cream. When discussing flavor ideas, Thibault commented that he had a bunch of fresh sage that needed to be used. After looking around online, Thibault suggested we combine it with brown butter. I was immediately excited by the […]

  • Whisky & Honey Ice Cream (new & improved recipe)

    Whisky & Honey Ice Cream (new & improved recipe)

    Long time readers of Triple Motion will know that Whisky & Honey is one of our favorite flavors, ever since we first cranked it amongst the windswept standing stones of Callanish on the remote island of Lewis. From that first batch, we saw Whisky & Honey Ice Cream as a superb way to express the […]

  • Watermelon & Lime Ice Cream

    Watermelon & Lime Ice Cream

    It’s hot in New York right now, which means it’s ice cream weather. This weekend I wanted to make something super refreshing to combat the heat, and then I spotted some fresh watermelons at the market. It was an easy decision. Normally I make watermelon sorbet – I’ve always wanted to try it in an […]

  • Brexit Ice Cream

    Brexit Ice Cream

    On Thursday, nearly three quarters of eligible voters in Britain (only UK and Irish citizens were allowed to vote) went to the polls and declared with a small majority that they want the UK to leave the European Union. We had planned to crank a flavour of ice cream based on the referendum’s outcome. After seeing the […]

  • Escamoles (Ant Larvae) Ice Cream

    Escamoles (Ant Larvae) Ice Cream

    Last weekend my friend Andreas Johnsen premiered his new documentary BUGS at the Tribeca Film Festival. I was planning an ice cream social for the same day and my friend Aaron suggested we make bugs ice cream in honor of Andreas’s film. I talked with Andreas and he was excited by the idea, so he arranged for his […]

  • Concrete & Rust Ice Cream at Dismaland

    Concrete & Rust Ice Cream at Dismaland

    Big D, Foad and I were planning a bicycle tour in England a couple weeks ago, and I suggested we try and stop by Dismaland – Banksy’s “bemusement park”, a delightful place that combines satirical “fun” rides with an art exhibition. We invaded Dismaland and hand-cranked a batch of the most appropriate ice cream we […]