Apple & Cinamon Ice Cream on-sea

Although I have only been a bonefide cranker for a few months, I have followed the antics of the Triple motion crew for several years now. Each new entry seems to be an exploration of the wonderful world if iced deserts, tantalizing the taste buds and exciting the soul. The bank of recipes which has been accumulated is impressive and a little daunting!

One hot evening in South Africa I got that ice-cream feeling and decided that rather than try and come up with some cutting edge recipe, I would expand the boundaries of ice cream making in other ways. Instead of  taste adventures, I thought I would build on the trend set by the Ice Cream in the Clouds adventure and take my churn to places that no churn has been before. With this lofty goal in mind I set off to…the beach.


Ok, ok, I know the concept of having ice-cream on a beach is not exactly novel but you have to start somewhere and the logistic challenges of getting ice-cream making gear to a beach in 35 degree heat are not to be sniffed at.  To make life a little easier for myself I made the mix at home following the recipe given by  Peter so all that was to do at the beach was assemble the machine and crank.



Despite the heat, the mix set pretty quickly and within 15 min we were relaxing with our creamy bounty, enjoying a fantastic view and some very strange looks from passers by!







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