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So first night back to Geneva and a party is on at the Boisserette. I have been threatening to leave the straight and narrow paths of the Russell recipe and the Big D sciences and so tonite it shows. I didnt quite go the whole hog but subbed in some Coop Uht cream instead of fresh cream. I really wanted to know how much this would affect the flavour. The reality is UHT milk and cream is much more prevalent here than fresh dairy, and it is all much more expensive than the subsidized meadows of Britain. I haven’t actually found any cream here that isn’t high temperature pasteurized – the small step back from full throttle dairy cooking. Recipe used was actually close to a Russell.Results? Consistency was excellent, really smooth and creamy. The flavour was however slightly UHT influenced – it had that sugery condensed flavour at the edges, not at all unpleasant though, just different from my perspective. Most peopl here drink UHT any way and every one was a newbie to the Triple Motion so were all curious and delighted. The ice cream was eaten with Mango Lassi on the side – great combo but masked the simplicity of the vanilla batch.When the local audience has matured a bit onto the delicacies i should try a head to head full Migros Budget UHT cream and milk vs fresh dairy?  

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  1. Peter Avatar

    I shudder to think of the full UHT version.. Glad this turned out OK. I have to admit I once made a batch with Elmlea instead of cream. It didn’t taste right either, but the newcomers didn’t seem to notice… Keep it up!!

  2. Laura Avatar


    I admire you adaptability! In the wilds of inner Afghanistan, I’ll have to try my hand at making yoghurt based ice-cream….this is a land of little cream. But in Kabul they have amazing orange flower water ice-cream made with a more basic version of the White Mountain: a metal bowl in a bigger bowl of ice&salt which they mix by hand

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