Vanilla Ice Cream with Rhubarb Tart

As i had to leave last saturday morning at 10.30 to finish recording some video at a project in Grenoble, and the Parisienne girls were leaving that day, we all (Maële, Heejeon, Lisadie, Stephan, Florienne and myself) got up at 8 the morning to crank out a batch and ate it as the on the terrace as the sun broke through the trees… oh the idyllic life of La Boisserette!

Maële had cooked a very tasty, if a little burned on the bottom, rhubarb tart the night before – our oven is really poor and so it had to have some surgery, then was cooked on a hob to finish it off… which burned it pretty bad. It still tasted really good though with a clean batch of vanilla. No fancy crazy flavour combo’s out here yet! We had made a batch of strawberry the night before by any means so we had some of that left.


Ben has settled in Geneva because he can't get enough of the mountains. But of course there is one mountain greater than the rest, and that's the White Mountain. Ben keeps his half-gallon model in regular use, cranking up delicious batches of creamy frozen goodness.

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