Vanilla Ice Cream with Rhubarb Tart

As i had to leave last saturday morning at 10.30 to finish recording some video at a project in Grenoble, and the Parisienne girls were leaving that day, we all (Maële, Heejeon, Lisadie, Stephan, Florienne and myself) got up at 8 the morning to crank out a batch and ate it as the on the terrace as the sun broke through the trees… oh the idyllic life of La Boisserette!

Maële had cooked a very tasty, if a little burned on the bottom, rhubarb tart the night before – our oven is really poor and so it had to have some surgery, then was cooked on a hob to finish it off… which burned it pretty bad. It still tasted really good though with a clean batch of vanilla. No fancy crazy flavour combo’s out here yet! We had made a batch of strawberry the night before by any means so we had some of that left.



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