Daim Bar Ice Cream at the Fringe

Back for another helping of ice cream and comedy at the Lemoncustard Comedy Club, we followed on the previous week’s successful chocolate chip cookie dough. I don’t often do chunky style ice creams, but am becoming a big fan.

My friend John was shopping at some obscure Scandinavian furniture shop and had the epiphanic idea to chop up some Daim bars and stir them into a batch of vanilla ice cream. So that’s just what we did…

I had never heard of these mysterious Daim bars, but apparently they’re a lot like armadillos. Basically you’ve got a thin layer of chocolate around a bar of hardened caramel. Chopped up they look a bit less like an armadillo:

As is obviously necessary, I donned a special “ice cream hat” (a gift from by brother Cole) and an Armenian waistcoat (a gift from Big D) to crank up the vanilla ice cream.

When it was pretty hard, we stirred in the Daim bars.

Dee got so excited, she had to taste it before the crowd got their grubby hands on our dessert.

But luckily she left just enough for the eager audience.

Photos by Saniye and Leo and Peter.

Peter Gerard

Peter carried the hand-cranking ice cream tradition from his family in Missouri to Scotland and eventually to New York. He is now likely the biggest importer of White Mountain Freezers to Europe, having imported more than a dozen machines...

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4 Responses

  1. Thibault says:

    Wow man, half a gallon a week, the rythm is intense, how could I catch on… especially with my tiny machine! But I’ll do my best.

  2. Thibault says:

    My God what am I saying, it’s 1 gallon and a half a week!… I think I’m gonna faint…

  3. Aunt Nancy* says:

    Great hat, Peter!! You always did like to wear a fun topper. I think I have some incriminating photos….

    Both of these combinations sound MUCH better than Cheese and Tomato. yetch Love, Aunt Nancy*

  4. Jase says:

    I do something similar where I make white chocolate ice cream and add Daim chunks (I still call them Dime bars, which is their old name). I like to make this with a batch of coffee and Cognac ice cream. The two are great served the coffee & Cognac have a very slight refreshing bitterness that contrasts the intense creamy sweetness of the white chocolate & Daim bars.

    I’ve heard Ben & Jerry’s have a recipe based on Heath bars, which are the nearest thing you have in the US (I have no idea myself, I’m a Brit, and not seen the Ben & Jerry’s recipe)

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