Redcurrant and gooseberry sorbet

I know I’m going to be called a dairy fat heretic, but I’ve decided to carry on the sorbet trail. Moreover, it seems to me that summer rhymes with sorbet… and that red fruits also rhyme with sorbet (which does not necessarily mean that summer rhymes with red fruits).  It happened that my grandfather told me his garden was loaded with redcurrants… the association of ideas did not need much concentration, the way was paved for another deliciously acidic frozen dessert!

Alas, shame on me, driven by my feverish enthusiasm I forgot to weight and write the different steps of the preparation… The recipe I’m about to describe is therefore approximative…

We managed to pick, I would say about 600g of redcurrants. As they are not really juicy, this was not enough, so we completed with roughly the same amount of gooseberries, which is situated in the same range of taste, but much milder.

After pressing all this through a rather unefficient machine, then through the infallible cheap stockings, we had a little more than 1l of liquid. We completed it with about 1/2l of sugar syrup, and stocked it in jars, for we went cranking during a picnic on the side of a river.

No picture of the result alas, but the taste was really intense, and the acidity well balanced. Nonetheless, I would really like to try it 100% redcurrants. I want to have my cheeks wrinkle like raisins, crumpled by the strength of the taste!


Now based in Paris, Thibault and Celine are consistently innovating with new flavours, particularly sorbets. They have a classic half-gallon White Mountain freezer that brings delight throughout France.

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  1. Peter Gerard says:

    Lovely colour! I’m looking forward to tasting some of your sorbet creations in September.

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