Honey and Ginger Ice Cream for the Kids

We made this batch at a post gig party at our place in Newcastle, as you can tell it was a family friendly event.


Most of the icecreams I’ve made recently have been sweetened with something other than cane/beet sugar. I’ve used agave syrup a bit but I don’t really like the chewyness or the type of sweetness it gives. Honey is by far the best solution, fortunately there are some great apiarists in Northumberland and failing that the supermarkets seem to be increasingly stocking “English” honey so I don’t need to feel too guilty / annoyed about the food miles.

I took a straw pole on what flavour to combine with honey and ginger came out on top.

I took a few liberties with the Russell recipe but its mostly faithful.

Ingredients for a 1/2 gallon freezer:

Ginger, fresh, approx 40-50g

Honey, clear and runny, 300g

Double cream (48% fat), 500ml

Full fat milk (4% fat), to fill can

1 egg, beaten


Finely chop the ginger across the grain.

Liquidize in a mini blender with a few table spoons of the honey.

Mix the cream, egg, ginger mix and the remaining honey in a big bowl. Add sufficient milk to make up to the correct volume of mix for the freezer (I use the milk to swill out the blender too).



Very rich – as you might imagine with that much cream in it. I’d go for less cream and more ginger next time.

Dr Big D

As the ice cream doctor, Big D is the scientist among us, obsessing over the chemical properties of ingredients and the balance of sugar/fat/ice ratios. His experimental drive brings exciting and challenging new flavours to our bowls.

Big D has a 2-quart and a 6-quart freezer. His 2-quart freezer is particularly unique with it’s iron bar for a crank, which he built after breaking the old one in determination to make the perfect ice cream.

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