Concrete & Rust Ice Cream at Dismaland

Big D, Foad and I were planning a bicycle tour in England a couple weeks ago, and I suggested we try and stop by Dismaland – Banksy’s “bemusement park”, a delightful place that combines satirical “fun” rides with an art exhibition.

We invaded Dismaland and hand-cranked a batch of the most appropriate ice cream we could muster.

Here’s the recipe:

We made a pretty standard batch, but instead of vanilla, we added a few drops of black food coloring to give it a bland flavor and a dismal tone.

Foad also scraped the chocolate off a Crunchie bar to make some rust crumbs for a topping.

It looked great, but I felt the honeycomb-flavor from the “rust” made it taste too good…

Peter Gerard

Peter carried the hand-cranking ice cream tradition from his family in Missouri to Scotland and eventually to New York. He is now likely the biggest importer of White Mountain Freezers to Europe, having imported more than a dozen machines...

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