Brexit Ice Cream

On Thursday, nearly three quarters of eligible voters in Britain (only UK and Irish citizens were allowed to vote) went to the polls and declared with a small majority that they want the UK to leave the European Union.

We had planned to crank a flavour of ice cream based on the referendum’s outcome. After seeing the surprise result, we reluctantly put aside our dream of blueberry sorbet with mango stars and set about to prepare Union Jack Ice Cream at a mourning party for the EU. The ice cream was bittersweet.

Berry Ripple Ice Cream Recipe (for a 2-quart freezer):

  • 1.5 eggs
  • 225g vanilla sugar*
  • 500ml double cream
  • one vanilla pod
  • about 500ml milk
  • half a jar of raspberry jam
  • half a jar of blueberry jam
  • blue and red gel food colouring

Put the jam jars in the freezer a day ahead of time.

Whisk the eggs and sugar and stir in the cream. Cut a slit along one side of the vanilla pod and then scrape the seeds into the mix (it tastes better if you put the vanilla seeds in the milk and/or cream the night before). Add milk and mix well. Crank the ice cream until it’s fairly firm.

Meanwhile, put a large ceramic or metal bowl into a larger bowl filled with ice, salt and water. Make sure you can handle the inner bowl without causing salt water from the outer bowl to spill in. This is going to be where you ripple in the jam, so you want to ensure the bowl is super cold – otherwise the ice cream will melt.

Transfer the ice cream into the chilled bowl. Spoon in the frozen jam and ripple it into the vanilla ice cream. Don’t stir too much or it will all blend together and not have ripples. Transfer the ice cream to the freezer to let it firm up before serving.

When you serve, use the food colouring to draw a Union Jack on top of each bowl. Your guests will be disturbed by your nationalism, but at least the ice cream will be delicious.

*To make vanilla sugar, put a used vanilla pod or two into a jar or bag of sugar. After a few days, the sugar will taste more like vanilla. I always keep a jar or two of sugar with vanilla pods, and I use vanilla sugar in most of my ice creams.

Peter Gerard

Peter carried the hand-cranking ice cream tradition from his family in Missouri to Scotland and eventually to New York. He is now likely the biggest importer of White Mountain Freezers to Europe, having imported more than a dozen machines...

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