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  • Pistachio and Chocolate duet

    Pistachio and Chocolate duet

    Howdy folks! This weekend, we realized that we had never seen Celine and Pierre’s ice cream machine, which was sent a few months ago by Walt. We therefore decided to unite what are probably the only two existing machines in Clermont Ferrand, and to prepare a nice double dessert. Pierre, driven by enthusiasm and ambition, […]

  • Chocolate & Chile Sorbet for the annual Mexican Party

    Chocolate & Chile Sorbet for the annual Mexican Party

    We are big fans of Chocolate & Chile here and saw the opportunity to take our recipes to a new level for our annual Mexican party at John’s house. Lately I have been championing Chocolate Sorbet as the new pinnacle of chocolatey frozenness. It is the dark chocolate of the ice cream world, with an […]

  • Chocolate Ice Cream for the kiddies

    Chocolate Ice Cream for the kiddies

    We recently made a batch of Chocolate Gelato that was to be served to a 12-year-old girl. Knowing that the young ones among us are often less keen on super dark chocolate I reduced the cocoa powder to just 1/4 cup, hoping that would please her. Unfortunately it was still “too chocolatey and not creamy […]

  • Daim Bar Ice Cream at the Fringe

    Daim Bar Ice Cream at the Fringe

    Back for another helping of ice cream and comedy at the Lemoncustard Comedy Club, we followed on the previous week’s successful chocolate chip cookie dough. I don’t often do chunky style ice creams, but am becoming a big fan. My friend John was shopping at some obscure Scandinavian furniture shop and had the epiphanic idea […]

  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream at the Fringe

    Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream at the Fringe

    Back at the Fringe last week we decided to spice things up a bit for the Lemon Custard Comedy Club. A few days before, Leo met Steph, a nice Canadian selling cookies, and invited her to combine powers with the White Mountain. I couldn’t help thinking about Ernie and the Cookie Monster sharing milk and […]

  • Hebrides Overture

    Hebrides Overture

    We are finally publishing Dr. Big D’s travelogue from our Outer Hebridean Ice Cream Adventure. We also produced a short film about this trip that you can see here. Enjoy! Why did we choose an ice cream adventure in the Outer Hebrides? Was it just to make life difficult for ourselves? You could argue that […]

  • Chocolate and Coconut Ice Cream

    Chocolate and Coconut Ice Cream

    Though our chocolate gelato recipe produces an incredible result, it’s an awful lot of work and takes a long time to prepare and chill before you can freeze it. I eventually decided that there is no reason why the Russell Recipe should not produce a quality chocolate ice cream.

  • Chocolate Gelato

    Chocolate Gelato

    When I was a kid I did not like chocolate ice cream. Strange as it seems now, I didn’t really have any interest in the stuff. If I was given a serving of Neapolitan ice cream I would devour the pink and white stripes as quickly as possible to avoid accidentally eating any meltings from […]