More Ice Cream on the Fringe – this Thursday!

Roll up! Roll up!

More free ice cream is coming your way. At 5:15pm this Thursday 27 August (in celebration of my mother‘s birthday!) we will be serving up another massive and delicious batch of ice cream at Dee Custance‘s Lemon Custard Comedy Show at the White Horse. Those who missed the last two weeks have no excuse now (did I mention that it’s FREE?). Ben Kempas came all the way from Munich last week to eat the ice cream and take these pictures!

Peter cranking on the Royal Mile (photo by Ben Kempas)

Last week we made a batch of vanilla that was almost not really vanilla. When I was rapidly preparing the mix I forgot the precious drops of vanilla extract and Thibault and I cycled in the rain to the Royal Mile only realising the mistake a few yards from the venue. Thibault quickly embarked on a wild-goose-chase (in the rain!), navigating Edinburgh’s road construction to find the only vanilla within a mile-radius. By the time he got back the ice cream was very near frozen and the comedians were getting anxious.

But we managed to stir in the flavour and delighted the audience with the Triple Motion goodness. It was again, a great success.

So don’t miss it this Thursday!

Peter prepares to crank on the Royal Mile as Gregor watches (photo by Ben Kempas)

Peter Gerard

Peter carried the hand-cranking ice cream tradition from his family in Missouri to Scotland and eventually to New York. He is now likely the biggest importer of White Mountain Freezers to Europe, having imported more than a dozen machines...

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2 Responses

  1. Kay Foley says:

    Thank you very much, Peter (& friends), for celebrating my birthday in Edinburgh at the fabulous Fringe Festival with ICE CREAM!! I SO wish I could be there with you. Much love & many kisses, your adoring Ma

  2. Thibault says:

    Making this ice-cream nearly killed me. Literally!

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