Concrete & Rust Ice Cream at Dismaland

Big D, Foad and I were planning a bicycle tour in England a couple weeks ago, and I suggested we try and stop by Dismaland – Banksy’s “bemusement park”, a delightful place that combines satirical “fun” rides with an art exhibition.

We invaded Dismaland and hand-cranked a batch of the most appropriate ice cream we could muster:

Here’s the recipe:

We made a pretty standard batch, but instead of vanilla, we added a few drops of black food coloring to give it a bland flavor and a dismal tone. Foad also scraped the chocolate off a Crunchie bar to make some rust crumbs for a topping. It looked great, but I felt the honeycomb-flavor from the “rust” made it taste too good…

Honey and Ginger Ice Cream for the Kids

We made this batch at a post gig party at our place in Newcastle, as you can tell it was a family friendly event.


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Apple Crumble Ice Cream and Peanut Butter and Jelly Ice Cream

Our dear friend Foad is moving from London to L.A. and decided to throw a party for all his favourite people. We where honoured to be invited to make ice cream for the event. The theme for the party was “Goodbye London, hello L.A.” so we thought we would try and make 2 batches, symbolising the 2 cities respectively.

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Lime Sorbet

The folks on my street are very sociable and as part of the annual round there’s a Halloween party. This year it was actually a Mexican day of the dead party and  I decided  to make a lime sorbet.

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Mandarin and lemon ice cream at mid-winter

It came as a bit of a shock looking back to see than my last posting was ‘S’long to South Africa’.  Life has changed quite a bit since then as I have taken a job as Environment Officer for the Government of South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands. It is a great job for many reasons but mainly because I get to go to South Georgia and as any one who reads the blog regularly knows I am an Antarctic junkie.  My first trip down to the island was to go and monitor the success of phase 1 of a rat eradication project before phase 2 kicks off this summer and to make some plans to eradicate the very cute, but very invasive reindeer that also inhabit parts of the island.

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Coconut ice cream

Hi folks,

We took a few days off for Easter and went to visit David and Peter in their respective cities. This led to two ice cream experiments, one of them being related here.

At the end of 3 amazing days in Newcastle, after a day of bike-pushing in the rain, an intense Shakespeare play and a direct-live heart attack (not from us, fortunately), Julie expressed the wish to crank some ice cream, to put an nice end to this gustatorily intense stay.

We came up with the idea of coconut, which had been tried, for my part, with chocolate, but never on its own.

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S’long to South Africa with lime and blueberry ice-cream

I have been in South Africa for six years now. I came here to do my PhD and liked it so much I stayed on to do a post-doc. It really is an amazing country with diverse landscapes and diverse cultures. I could write a ten page testimonial about why it is great here but those of you that have been to SA will already know what I mean and those of you that haven’t should really get on a plane and experience it for yourselves rather than listen to me wax lyrical about how awesome it is. Sadly, next week I will be leaving South Africa and so to make the departure a little bit less sad, I thought I would make some ice-cream (that always cheers me up!).

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Pistachio and Chocolate duet

Howdy folks!

This weekend, we realized that we had never seen Celine and Pierre’s ice cream machine, which was sent a few months ago by Walt. We therefore decided to unite what are probably the only two existing machines in Clermont Ferrand, and to prepare a nice double dessert.

Pierre, driven by enthusiasm and ambition, had chosen nothing less than pistachio, which is considered by some of us as the Holy Grail of ice-cream… I decided to let him undergo this ordeal by himself, and to prepare something that would go well with his attempt. Chocolate seemed the best option…

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Blackcurrant ice-cream and petanque

Every year, in August, Celine’s friends meet  in a small campsite in Ardeche, a warm, hilly and dry region in the center of France, to celebrate the end of the holidays. It’s the occasion for everybody to enjoy the last summer days, to take a dip in the nearby cristal-clear river or in the pool, to play petanque or to drink the traditional aperitif while talking about everything that’s wrong in France.

Celine and I were invited, and we offered to bring some ice-cream. The two requests we had were chocolate and blackcurrant. Our adventurous spirit drove us to choose the never-tried-before one, of course.

It was a little late in the year to pick the fruit ourselves, and anyway the only blackcurrant bushes I know are in La Sagne (see Redcurrant Post), which was 150kms away. We had to find another solution.

I remember using, with Peter, a sort of blueberry cordial for a previous ice-cream, which turned out to be a little disappointing, so I was not expecting much from bottled berries, but when I found a refrigerated bottle of pure fresh blackcurrant juice in an organic shop, I thought I could give it a try.

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Watermelon and mint sorbet

Gosh, it’s been so long I haven’t posted anything! This is not due to a decrease in the ice-cream making activity, but rather to a lack of pictures, making posts less interesting. Fortunately, I now have a phone with a camera, and will try to post more often.

Anyway, August has been very hot in France, with temperatures exceeding 30°C at night (which, I’ve learnt, is the condition to call the phenomenon a heat wave). I was at my parent’s house these last few days, and one afternoon we were desperately trying to find a way to cool down. My mother had just bought a whole watermelon, and didn’t know what to do with (supermarkets…). Celine suggested a solution to the two problems…

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