Marzipan Ice Cream

Before the outstanding account of our ice-cream adventures in the Hebrides, here is another recipe we did a few weeks ago and forgot to mention.

Last time I was shopping in Real Food, I saw chunks of marzipan they were selling by weight. The idea of incorporating this sweet treat into a big batch of ice cream immediately struck me, and I decided to buy a bag of 500g.

For a reason I do not understand, many people were a bit dubious about trying this new flavour, but notwithstanding incredulity, Peter and I decided to try.

By the time we started, a certain quantity of marzipan had disappeared, due not to our mouse but to my greed. Therefore we used about 450g of it. We melted it slowly in a double boiler, and obtained a smooth whitish liquid, without any lump. Then, we followed the Russell Recipe (although we did not add any sugar, marzipan being sweet enough, if not too much…).

Marzipan Ice Cream with Pancakes

We had this ice cream on pancakes for breakfast, in the company of many connoisseurs, and I have to say I was more than happy with the result. The taste of the marzipan was well rendered, the sweetness was balanced. The consistency was a bit grainy, but this probably comes for the marzipan itself, and can hardly be improved, alas… (in the absence of an expensive nut grinder, at least!). Opinions around the table were a bit mixed, but I think that everybody enjoyed this simple and original dessert.

After the feast...

A last point: in my opinion, this ice cream seems to be the perfect one to go with a slice of lemon tart… a combination we will try soon!


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