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  • Lemon and apricot pancakes

    Lemon and apricot pancakes

    As a kid, I never liked pancakes -they had too much grease and too much egg. The thought of the annual ritual of Pancake Day filled me with dread. You can only imagine how happy I was to discover the Triple Motion buttermilk pancake! These fluffy little nuggets are a joy to eat and I can (and do) eat […]

  • Dates and apple ice cream

    Dates and apple ice cream

    During a day out with my school, I had the luck of finding a fruit and cereal shop that was selling everything at half price. Bargain! I bought 1 kg of dates for 1 pound, foreseeing the scrumptious ice cream that was to result from this fortuitous opportunity! Back home, Peter suggested to add a […]

  • The Best Pancakes

    The Best Pancakes

    To accompany the Marzipan Ice Cream, I thought we should publish the best pancake recipe ever! I’m not talking crêpes. These are big, fluffy American-style pancakes. My mom gave me this recipe in her wonderful little book titled “Mother’s Recipes for Peter”. I’m not sure where she got it, but it is worth repeating here. […]