Dates and apple ice cream

During a day out with my school, I had the luck of finding a fruit and cereal shop that was selling everything at half price. Bargain! I bought 1 kg of dates for 1 pound, foreseeing the scrumptious ice cream that was to result from this fortuitous opportunity!

Back home, Peter suggested to add a few apples to this recipe, to add a bit of freshness to the strong flavour of the dates. That seemed like a good idea…we therefore started the mix!

Following the tradition, we used the Russell recipe (without adding sugar though, the dates being already incredibly sweet!). The extra ingredients needed a bit of work:

  • We soaked 500g of dates overnight in whole milk, then gently heated this mix, stirring constantly, to make the date flavour pass into the milk. We then sieved the whole thing, crushing the remnants of dates, and obtained a sweet brown liquid.

  • We peeled, sliced and fried in butter 3 small apples; then blended them.

After mixing all the ingredients, we went cranking…at 8 o’clock in the morning! ‘Cause the peculiarity of this ice cream is that we had it for breakfast, on pancakes, on the roof of our building, on a warm and sunny day, with Louise, Florian and one of their friends! By Jove, that’s life!

Although this breakfast was memorable, the ice cream itself was a bit disappointing, the flavour of the dates and apples being really light, which was a surprise considering the usual overwhelming taste of dates. In the future, we’ll find a way of capturing this dried fruit grail.


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  1. Peter Gerard says:

    Just a quick recipe note: The apples were cooked with 1/4 cup of sugar actually… I don’t remember if I added butter or not, but usually when making apple ice cream, I don’t add butter…

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