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  • Escamoles (Ant Larvae) Ice Cream

    Escamoles (Ant Larvae) Ice Cream

    Last weekend my friend Andreas Johnsen premiered his new documentary BUGS at the Tribeca Film Festival. I was planning an ice cream social for the same day and my friend Aaron suggested we make bugs ice cream in honor of Andreas’s film. I talked with Andreas and he was excited by the idea, so he arranged for his […]

  • Apple Crumble Ice Cream and Peanut Butter and Jelly Ice Cream

    Apple Crumble Ice Cream and Peanut Butter and Jelly Ice Cream

    Our dear friend Foad is moving from London to L.A. and decided to throw a party for all his favourite people. We where honoured to be invited to make ice cream for the event. The theme for the party was “Goodbye London, hello L.A.” so we thought we would try and make 2 batches, symbolising […]

  • Coconut ice cream

    Coconut ice cream

    Hi folks, We took a few days off for Easter and went to visit David and Peter in their respective cities. This led to two ice cream experiments, one of them being related here. At the end of 3 amazing days in Newcastle, after a day of bike-pushing in the rain, an intense Shakespeare play […]

  • S’long to South Africa with lime and blueberry ice-cream

    S’long to South Africa with lime and blueberry ice-cream

    I have been in South Africa for six years now. I came here to do my PhD and liked it so much I stayed on to do a post-doc. It really is an amazing country with diverse landscapes and diverse cultures. I could write a ten page testimonial about why it is great here but […]

  • Pistachio and Chocolate duet

    Pistachio and Chocolate duet

    Howdy folks! This weekend, we realized that we had never seen Celine and Pierre’s ice cream machine, which was sent a few months ago by Walt. We therefore decided to unite what are probably the only two existing machines in Clermont Ferrand, and to prepare a nice double dessert. Pierre, driven by enthusiasm and ambition, […]

  • Watermelon and mint sorbet

    Watermelon and mint sorbet

    Gosh, it’s been so long I haven’t posted anything! This is not due to a decrease in the ice-cream making activity, but rather to a lack of pictures, making posts less interesting. Fortunately, I now have a phone with a camera, and will try to post more often. Anyway, August has been very hot in […]

  • Paw-paw/Papaya icecream in the Cederberg, South Africa

    Paw-paw/Papaya icecream in the Cederberg, South Africa

    Back in March I took a trip out to South Africa to visit my sister, and whilst there we cooked up this little adventure.  Soon after arriving we had some beautifully ripe paw-paw for breakfast and decided to see if they’d make good icecream. To add a bit more interest we decided to try making […]

  • Rhubarb Ice-cream

    Rhubarb Ice-cream

    Back to business! It’s been a while since my last post, but the ice-cream frenzy is still on! Last weekend, my friend Bastien had a few visitors : his brother and his girlfriend, who live in Youngstown, Ohio.  Bastien’s sister and a friend of hers also joined this happy family gathering. Knowing that Bastien lives […]

  • Maple Syrup and Rum Ice Cream

    Maple Syrup and Rum Ice Cream

    In celebration of Cheryl’s 30th birthday, I hauled my trusty half-gallon White Mountain freezer down to Brighton on the overnight MegaBus (10 hours of sheer pain!). Despite my sore back and neck, we were determined to make the effort worthwhile and decided to crank a simple batch of Maple Syrup Ice Cream. Cheryl’s friend had […]

  • Whisky and honey ice-cream – Antarctic style

    Whisky and honey ice-cream – Antarctic style

    Update: Click here for the updated Whisky and Honey Ice Cream recipe. SANAE IV research station is located on a small nunatak called Vesleskarvet, in Western Dronning Maud Land. Although the building its self is rather impressive, it is but a tiny spec on the immense landscape of the Antarctic. It is this landscape that […]